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Freelance Malay <> English Services

Over 20 years of experience living in Malaysia. Professional-level language fluency in English. Native-level fluency in Malay.
Formal education in grammar, composition, and literature in Malay from Malaysia. College education in English from the United States.

Linguist services include detailed information on grammar, word usage, and language history.

Literary services include creative use of words and grammar.

Interpreter services include listening to a speaker in one language and relating that utterance to an audience in a different language.

Transcription services include converting handwriting or scanned documents into typed text in the same or different language.

Translator services include making a new version of a written material in a different language.

Editor services include proof-reading and correcting a previously completed work.

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About Us

The heritage of the sled dog is a long and proud one, stretching back thousands of years. The people of the North depended on these animals for protection, companionship, hunting, trapping, and, most of all, transportation. These dogs could travel long distances, as many as 100 miles per day, and survive on little food. They were also integral parts of the family.

Sled dogs enabled explorers such as Byrd, Peary, and Amundsen to explore the North and South Poles. As early as 1873, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were bringing government to northern frontiers with dog-team patrols. Throughout Alaska and Canada, mail teams delivered the news to outlying settlements.1

Sled Dog Media Company is an S-Corporation located in Highlands Ranch Colorado, just south of Denver.

In the tradition of the sled dog, it is our corporate goal to bring exceptional skill and value to our clients and customers.
And hopefully we will make a difference like the sled dogs have done for the artic regions of the world.

Endurance. Fidelity. Intelligence.

1Historical excerpts taken from Copyright © 2000, 2001, 2002 Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue.